Report of the Climate Train

Journey by Train and Boat from Europe to the UN Climate Convention in Kyoto November - December 1997

Authors : Ben Matthews, Michelle Valentine

Published : September 1998

Pages : 63 + iv

Price : £5.00 (Reduced from £13.95)

Publisher : Scientists for Global Responsibility

The Report of the Climate Train - the journey by train and boat from Europe to the UN Climate Convention in Kyoto in late 1997 by a group of 36 scientists, environmental activists, politicians and students from 14 countries - gives a vivid and colourful account of the motivations behind the project and the successes and frustrations involved in its undertaking.

As well as the story of the journey itself, the conferences and meetings with scientists and politicians on the route, and the Climate Train contribution to the COP3, the report also contains an introduction to the science and politics of climate change, an ecobalance calculation for the journey and discussion of aircraft and global warming, the story of how the Climate Train came to happen, a summary of media coverage, a summary of the budget, and an evaluation of the whole project with many quotes from participants. It is hoped that it will serve both to inspire people to travel more sustainably in the future, and to provide a lasting account of a memorable trip. As well as the serious sections, it contains many amusing anecdotes.


  •      Overview of the Climate Train
  •      The science and politics of global climate change
  •      Ecobalance of the Climate Train
  •      Policy options to solve the problem
  •      How the Climate Train came to be organised
  •      Why SGR became the key organisation behind the Climate Train
  •      Life on the Climate Train
  •      Workshops while travelling
  •      Climate meetings with local people along the route
  •      Climate Train contribution to COP3
  •      Climate Train presentation on 1st December
  •      Summary of the Kyoto protocol
  •      Funding and budget
  •      Evaluation and conclusion
  •      Some personal views from participants
  •      Conclusion: did we help to "save the climate"?

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A online version of the report can be found on the Choose Climate website.