Reports and briefings

SGR publishes in-depth reports and shorter briefings, mainly as part of its project work. Pdf copies can be downloaded from this section, while printed copies can be ordered from the SGR office.

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report front page

This short technical paper critically examines the progress that the Ministry of Defence has made in meeting carbon targets at its UK military bases. It concludes that the 2025 targets are very weak, and emission reductions to date are mainly due to non-military action.

May 2023


Report cover

This report describes an innovative new methodology for estimating global and regional military greenhouse gas emissions, which suggests that the world’s militaries are responsible for 5.5% of global emissions - more than the whole of Russia.

November 2022


Cover image - wind turbines and other green infrastructure

How can philanthropic organisations make sure they’re acting in line with their ethical founding principles and contributing to climate progress? In this introductory guide, Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) shows how such institutions can protect the climate in three key ways.

October 2022

These short reports extend SGR's previous research on the financial links between fossil fuel corporations and professional engineering and science organisations. 

May 2022


Tech paper cover

This short technical paper analyses official data sets on UK military carbon emissions. It finds major discrepancies, and that headline figures considerably understate core emissions – by 36% to 71%.

January 2022

EU military carbon report cover

Militaries are high consumers of fossil fuels – and yet they are frequently exempt from publicly reporting their carbon emissions. This report examines the size of the military carbon footprint in the EU.

Stuart Parkinson and Linsey Cottrell

February 2021

UK military environmental impacts - report cover

This report assesses the key environmental impacts of the UK military, arms industry and related sectors - including an estimate of their carbon footprint. Jointly published with Declassified UK.

Stuart Parkinson

May 2020


This briefing examines the importance of behaviour change across society to help tackle the climate crisis, and the potential of scientists and engineers to act as role models for such change.

Andrew Simms with Stuart Parkinson

November 2019

Irresponsible Science?

This report reveals how fossil fuel and arms corporations are financing professional engineering and science organisations and explores the range of problematic issues that result.

Stuart Parkinson and Philip Wood

October 2019



This report summarises a range of concerns about the rapid advances in AI and robotics - in areas such as lethal autonomous weapons, accidental nuclear war, fake news, online privacy, driverless cars and more...

Andrew Simms with Stuart Parkinson

November 2018