Science oath for the climate

SGR has created a 'Science oath for the climate' for scientists, engineers and academics to demonstrate their commitment to speaking out about the scale of the threat shown by the scientific evidence, and the consequent speed and scope of necessary action - despite the often politically challenging conclusions that they lead to. In order to show leadership, signatories pledge to take action to reduce their own emissions and to lobby their professional associations to align themselves to pathways compliant with the Paris 1.5°C pathway. The oath is about both individual behaviour and system change.

Please also consider signing the Fair Lifestyle Targets, which are open to those who work in climate and the public.

To read the full text of 'A science oath for the climate', see the list of signatories, and/or to add your own name, please read on.... 




Extra background on the Science oath for the climate, including further reading, FAQs, and links to articles by some of the signatories.