One Planet One Life


One Planet – One Life is a workshop event designed for secondary school students in years 7-9 and primary school students in years 5-6, and run by Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR). It engages young people in thinking about alternative and sustainable ways of living, and raises awareness of the role of individuals in contributing to and preventing climate change.

Ideas about reducing carbon emissions and different ways of living are woven together with ideas of how people feel, personal values, and what change means personally. Through a relaxed and relatively structured workshop approach, participants experience a variety of exercises, games and discussions.

As a result of the workshop, participants are able to understand:

  • the impact of individuals on the planet
  • the idea of carbon footprints
  • the components of their own carbon footprints
  • the importance of behavioural choices

For more information, please contact SGR

This project is funded by Ørsted's Walney Extension Community Fund

Some photos from recent workshops...