Scientists for Global Responsibility is 25 years old today!

Media release, 21 June 2017

Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) – an independent UK organisation of professionals which promotes science, design and technology for peace, social justice and environmental sustainability – celebrates its 25th anniversary today.

It will mark its anniversary by organising and/or taking part in several events over the autumn, including:

Over its 25 years, SGR has carried out ground-breaking research and campaign work on a wide range of issues, including nuclear disarmament, climate change and military/ corporate influence on science and technology. It has also run inspiring education activities for university students and school children under its projects, Science4Society Week and Ethical Careers in Science, Design and Technology. Its office is based in an eco-development, near Lancaster.

Contact: Dr Stuart Parkinson; 07941 953640


1. For more information about SGR, see: /

2. For more details of the listed events, see: /events/latest

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