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9. Finances

Services and leisure

All savings/loans invested in fossil-fuel-industry-free funds with low carbon finance companies.

Complying with this target would, on average in the UK, emit 0.2 tCO2e per capita per year.

The financial sector is responsible for a significant level of carbon emissions just through its operational activities. It can have an even greater impact through its choice of investments – e.g. in the fossil fuel industry. As a consumer, by changing where you hold your pension, savings, mortgage, loans and bank account, you can influence carbon emissions both within the financial sector and in the sectors in which it invests. However, estimating the emissions related to different actions is not straightforward – especially when it comes to indirect effects in the wider economy where double-counting is a clear risk. For our target we have used figures from Berners-Lee (2020: 132–133). The Make My Money Matter campaign gives another perspective.


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