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Paramedics provide immediate response to emergency calls that can be both traumatic and medical in origin, and also respond to GP referrals and 111 calls. The first senior autonomous independent healthcare professional on the scene, and the level of care provided can range from dealing with life threatening conditions to minor illnesses and injuries.

A full medical and health assessment will need to be undertaken to determine a patient's condition, provide essential treatment and transportation to a designated hospital or care facility.

While paramedics treat up to 50% of medical cases in the patient's home and discuss and negotiate the best optimal outcomes for the patient, sometimes in life threatening situations a variety of interventions might be required such as:

  • resuscitating and stabilising patients
  • establishing and maintaining an airway in a stepwise approach
  • stopping severe haemorrhage
  • using high-tech equipment, such as a defibrillator, pulse oximeters and end-tidal oxygen
  • applying spinal and traction splints
  • administering intravenous drips, drugs and oxygen.
  • working with other emergency services such as the police, fire, coast guard and RNLI.


Related SDG Goal
SDG Goal 3: Good health and well-being

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