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Systems analyst

Systems analysts examine a company's IT systems and infrastructure and work out how to improve them

As a system's analyst, you will use computers and related systems to design new IT solutions, modify, enhance or adapt existing systems and integrate new features or improvements in order to improve business efficiency and productivity. You will need a high level of technical expertise and clear insights into current business practices.

You will:

  • examine existing IT systems and business models

  • analyse systems requirements

  • undertake product development

  • implement, configure and test feasible solutions.

Your role is to liaise between, and report to, internal and external clients and stakeholders, including programmers and developers, throughout the development process.

You will conduct a cost analysis and agree the time frame to implement the proposed solution. You will specify and shape the system requirements and operations, the user interface and output and present the proposal to the client. You will work closely with the client team, including commercial managers and software developers, during both the report and implementation phase.

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SDG Goal 9:  Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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