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Toxicologists investigate any potential adverse impact that materials, chemicals, potential new medicines, natural substances and radiation might have on human and animal health and the environment. As well as laboratory and field studies to assess the possible risks and harmful effects of these substances, you will take into account the potential implications of future technology such as genomics, digital tools, in silico/in vitro developments and the long-term consequences of gene-editing technologies.

Different areas of toxicology include:

  • clinical
  • consumer
  • contract
  • forensic
  • industrial
  • occupational
  • pharmaceutical
  • regulatory

Particular ethical debates related to toxicology include the use of animal experimentation in some areas of research

Related SDG Goal
SDG Goal 3: Good health and well-being
SDG Goal 4: Quality education
SDG Goal 9:  Industry, innovation and infrastructure
SDG Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production
SDG Goal 14: Life below water
SDG Goal 15: Life on land

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